Introducing aG Links

aG Links is the true-to-life indoor golf and entertainment experience, from tee to green. Immerse yourself with renowned courses, crisp graphics, skill-building games, and a custom-designed facility. We committed ourselves to creating the best way to practice golf indoors, and aG Links is the result.
Choose one of our three golf simulator configurations to enhance your space and your game. 

Call for Pricing

Call for Pricing

Flat screen

Ideal for home theater integration, our flat screen provides the optimal experience for cinema, gaming, and golf. Multi-purpose entertainment is taken to new heights with its stunning image, which can be upgraded to a 4K projection system. The flat screen layout can be customized to your space, no matter the size. 

Curve screen

Our curve screen’s infinite possibilities in simulator width, arc length, curve depth, and peripheral view make it flexible enough to fit most spaces. No matter the specifications, the curve screen produces the ultimate rendering of your favorite courses. The curve model runs 18 feet to 30 feet wide, 18 feet to 20 feet deep, and 9 feet to 11 feet tall. 

aG Max

Whether your vision is an indoor driving range or the ultimate entertainment venue, aG Max delivers. Multiple people can play in a unified environment, creating the ideal setting for an indoor driving range or a family-friendly gaming center. Connect, compete, and entertain like never before with aG Max.


Ball & Club Tracking


Up to 4K Resolution


Video Analysis


Automatic & Dimmable


Weight & Balance Analysis

Unbeatable Accuracy With 3Trak®

aG indoor golf simulators for home and business are powered by 3Trak®, our three-dimensional camera and tracking system.
Machine vision technology extracts precise club and ball data from dozens of images per swing—regardless of speed, spin, or launch angle. Ball flight is replicated in the simulator using advanced flight and terrain physics. The result is a true-to-life golf experience.

Custom Made for Any Space

Get an elegant, true-to-life experience made just for you. Every aG Links simulator is measured, cut, and assembled in the United States.  


Crisp, realistic graphics and gameplay with a high-definition projection system, a high-performance computer, turf, and a center strike tee box.



Improve Your Swing with aG Flix

aG Flix is our world-class integrated video recording system that incorporates up to five color or monochrome cameras that simultaneously record your swing.
aG Flix creates an unparalleled indoor instruction and video environment. Now it’s possible to see your shot shape and performance indoors, while also reviewing high-speed, quality color images of your actual swing. You can get into the details of lowering your score and improving your golf game anytime thanks to aG Flix.


aG Balance Golf Measurement System

aG Balance is the world’s leading golf balance and weight measurement system. Using a platform concealed under the playing surface, the technology independently measures the weight of each foot—in real time—as it shifts during the swing. 
aG Balance is used by top instructors around the world to help the very best golfers improve and understand their game. 


AV Integration for Push Button Control

  • Automated aG Links system startup and shutdown of all components (computer, 3Trak Unit, projector, and more) 

  • Picture-in-picture capability—play while watching the game 

  • Easily modified to accommodate future requirements and capabilities 

  • Integrates with various automation and control systems  

  • Expandable to accommodate future aG updates 


Other Game Changing Options

  • aG Control multi-simulator management

  • Modified awning, flooring, and turf options 

  • Projector and display upgrade options 

  • Custom support, service, and content subscriptions

Our software analyzes data to improve your game. Our golf and entertainment experience brings you the unimaginable. Our platform connects you with others—because together is better and the future of golf. 

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