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Content such as courses, games, training aids, and videos are created by aG and third-party syndication. 

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Play Renowned Courses From Around the Globe

aG’s virtual golf courses are three-dimensional, including terrain, trees, and foliage.
If you hit an obstacle with a golf ball, it impacts your play as if you were playing outdoors. At aboutGOLF, we are proud to say that our indoor golf simulators deliver a true-to-life experience from tee to green.

  • Ashley Farms 
  • Atlantis 

  • Bay Harbor, Links and Quarry Bay

  • Harbor, Preserve

  • Donald Ross Memorial

  • Far East Tour

  • Casa de Campo, Teeth of the Dog

  • Casa de Campo, The Links 

  • Colorado Golf Club

  • Druid Glens Country Club

  • Le Golf National Albatros, Ryder Cup 2018

  • New Springville Country Club

  • Hollow Grounds 

  • Huzhou Hot Spring Golf Club

  • Kukulchon Sanctuary 

  • Kynvart Golf Club

  • Myrtle Beach Tour

  • Nine Dragons A

  • Bethpage Black

  • Chapman's Infamous 18 

  • Hazeltine National, Ryder Cup 2016

  • Hazeltine National, Members Setup

  • PGA Centenary Course at Gleneagles

  • Nine Dragons B/C

  • Old Palm Golf Club

  • Oriental University City Golf Club

  • Par 3 Showcase 

  • Parkland Golf and Country Club 

  • Jubilee Course, St Andrews

  • New Course, St Andrews

  • Old Course, St Andrews 


  • Pebble Beach Golf Links

  • Spyglass Hill Golf Course

  • The Links at Spanish Bay



  • Blackwolf Run, Meadow Valleys

  • Blackwolf Run, Original Championship Course

  • Blackwolf Run, The River

  • Whistling Straits, The Irish

  • Whistling Straits, The Straits, 2020 Ryder Cup

  • Gapyeong Benest Golf Club

  • Grand Country Club

  • Taeyoung Country Club

  • Daegu Country Club

  • Lake Hills Country Club

  • Namchon Country Club

  • Mauna Ocean Golf and Resort

  • Montvert Country Club

  • TGV Country Club

  • Aleria Gardens

  • Donoma Pass

  • Kulkuchon Sanctuary

  • Peligro Range 

  • Konopiste D’Este

  • Konopiste Radecky

  • Harbour Town

  • Pine Needles Golf Club

  • The Ocean Course, Kiawah Island

  • Casa de Campo, Teeth of the Dog 2011

  • Casa de Campo, The Links 2011

  • Jubilee Course, St Andrews 2011

  • New Course, St Andrews 2011

  • Old Course, St Andrews 2011

  • Pebble Beach Golf Links 2011

  • Spyglass Hill Golf Course 2011

  • The Links at Spanish Bay 2012 

Events and Competitions

Compete on local, regional, and national levels with aG’s Alpha Tour. The Alpha Tour puts your game to the test and prizes on the line (open to players of all skill levels).

  • Pinpoint (closest to the pin) 

  • Longest Drive 

  • Stroke Play 

  • Putting challenge


Compete in the comfort of your own home or at any participating indoor golf center.

Alpha Tour

Closest to the pin

Longest Drive

Stroke Play

Putting Challenges


Driving Ranges

Practice or warm up on aG’s wide array of ranges: 

  • Canyon Range Venue 

  • Mountains 

  • World Long Drive 

  • Tropical 

  • Waterfalls 

  • Target Green 

  • Putting – uphill, downhill, break left, break right 

  • Breaking Glass Target 


Club Fitting

Take the guesswork out of finding the perfect equipment. aG’s club fitting feature allows side-by-side comparisons of shot data for different clubs. 

  • Shot data is collected using a statistically neutral range and produces averages of shots per club. 

  • Reports are also available in PDF format to print or email (compatible with iOS and Android). 


MB 360 Range

The ultimate 360-degree practice range with a variety of course layouts, shot settings, and target locations so you can practice with every club in your bag. Available venues: ​

  • Traditional Practice Range

  • Narrow Dogleg Left 

  • Water Dogleg Right 

  • Bunker with 6 Greens and 28 Pin Locations

  • Water Par 3 Peninsula Hole

  • Approach Shots 

Mini-Golf Games

Level up your putting skills with three mini-golf games for kids and adults. These are sure to be a hit for the entire family. 

LOST LAGOON: Avast ye matey! Give no quarter while playing 18 holes in the South Seas. 

MYSTERY REEF: This sea floor course features ramps and banks that will challenge the most intrepid sea explorer. 

GALACTIC GREENS: Watch out for flying spaceships and lasers intent on knocking you off course. 


Games for All Skill Levels

Take a swing and improve your accuracy with fun, interactive ways to play golf and compete against friends and family.

BEER PONG: Based on the classic party game, hit your ball into a cup to rack up the points. 

CORNHOLE: Bring the tailgate indoors with the ultimate cornhole competition. 4 players can battle it out for the top score of 21.

DARTS: aG Links has elevated the traditional pub game of darts with a whole new spin. Improve your swing performance while you aim for the circular target. 

aG's Ball Striking Games

Refine shots and hone green placement with pinpoint accuracy on a variety of fairways. 

RAZOR'S EDGE: Hit as straight and far as feasible, but with an added challenge. 

BEND-IT: Players must hit a green that's protected by forcefields. 

F-O-R-E: Like the game H-O-R-S-E in basketball, your goal in this multiplayer game is to hit a green and be the closest to the pin.

CONQUEST: A new take on Capture the Flag, each player must capture as much territory as possible by landing on greens. 

Classic Challenges


  • The perfect addition to large parties and events

  • Closest to the Pin and Longest Drive contests

  • Leaderboard and on-course leader markers

  • Available on any hole of any course

  • Unlimited participants


  • Competitive sand shot games that place you around traps

  • Games involving unique shots over and around water hazards

  • Imaginative shots with natural course obstacles to navigate

  • PAR 3 and PAR 5 challenges

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