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Can a Golf Simulator Improve your Game?

According to Danny Ellis and his sons-in-law, it sure can! Playing on aG Links gave Danny the extra confidence he needed to feel comfortable on a course. See how daily practice took strokes off his short game and sped up his swing.

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I started out having trouble making contact with the ball, and now I’m pretty close to a single digit handicap.


I think one of the things as far as scoring that has helped me more than anything else is learning to putt on my sim.

I wanted to learn but I don’t think I would have ever gotten into golf like I have had I not had the simulator. I’ve teed it up with some pretty good golfers, pro golfers. In the past, I might have walked around behind them and carried their bags, but I never would have thought about stepping up and hitting my own shot. Now I wouldn’t hesitate a bit.

I have had nothing but great experiences with the people from aboutGOLF. Your sales people, your folks that do the maintenance on the machines, the technical guys—even when I need supplies, it’s been a very pleasurable thing. I work with a lot of companies and everybody I’ve worked with at aboutGOLF has always been friendly. They go out of their way to help me

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