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How Mike House Got His Swing Back

Mike House chose aboutGOLF because he wanted more than the mechanics of playing a full round of golf from the tee to short putts on the green. He wanted to be completely immersed in the game. The shed Mike and team built for the simulator isn’t just a dark space for a simulator. The walls are decorated in his favorite scenes from nature with symbols that carry personal meaning.


"You guys gave me an environment I want to be in every day.” 


Regardless of who plays with me, we always get so into it that the competitive juices flow and the trash talk starts. The focus totally shifts because my disability is not the focus. The game is. And I just get to be one of the players. You guys gave me an environment I want to be in every day. 

My aboutGOLF installation has been freaking life changing. 

I hate exercise for the sake of exercise, but the immersive nature of the sim lets me focus on golf and my shots, and kind of trick myself into the exercise. What the aboutGOLF environment has done for me is make me play every day so that I get the exercise without really thinking about the exercise. 

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