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Coach Burt on Establishing a Winning Program

Mary Ellen Burt has one of the most winning track records at Union College in her 25-year run as the women’s head basketball coach. In 2010, she decided to combine her passion for golf and love of coaching by establishing a women’s golf program. Coach Burt knew that recruiting and climate would be her main challenges and that a golf simulator could help.


A lot of people had launch monitors, but we wanted something very accurate for the short game. Once I tried the aboutGOLF simulator, it was so obvious you could hit balls and get a feel. You could see your shot and the data to go with it.

If you can get kids to understand ‘why’ you're doing something, they learn so much faster. They need to see the outcomes we’re hoping for and what we’re trying to do. It’s so much easier to illustrate they ‘Why’ in the golf simulator.

With the golf simulator, there’s no debate over yardage.  We have a record of each shot and know exactly how far they hit each club. I think that was a vital piece for them, and they carried that knowledge onto the course.

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